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Aerospace Representatives

AMAA is an international sales organization marketing products for the military and aerospace markets. We provide technical sales service for our principals at both OEM's and end users / operators.

Our organization has 11 offices through North America and Europe available to represent component manufacturers who seek to increase their sales volume with small or large scale geographical coverage. Our offices work closely with our principals and our customer base to provide quality technical sales service to meet the goals of the principals represented. Experienced AMAA personnel work with design engineers and procurement departments on new and existing applications for the products manufactured by its principals.

Founder's Statement:

"Our thought was to build a global sales organization. The plan was to bring together professional aerospace Sales Representative companies to collectively cover a broad area, and work independently in their territories but also as a team with other AMAA members."

"Our first meeting was in Tampa in the winter of 1986. AMAA was born. For over 20 years we have been meeting on an annual basis and currently have six member agencies covering virtually all of North America."

"We believe AMAA has not only helped its members but also the companies we represent."

signed- Jerry Gerrity, President - M&J Associates -- Retired.

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